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Law Firm

  • Admitted to the German Chamber of Lawyers since 1986

  • Specialised on worldwide negotiation of difficult and complex contracts and deals

  • Managing and optimising most complicated legal and business transactions including research and investigation

Negotiator / Mediator

  • Negotiating, mediating and solving problems of Clients worldwide, partly in remote and dangerous regions

  • More than 20 years of experience in negotiating the best solutions for problems of Clients worldwide, Dispute Resolution

  • Specialised on creative solutions and “missions impossible”

  • Member of the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) Roster of Consultants

  • One of the most difficult projects:

    Negotiated and mediated between Israelis and Palestinensians in Jerusalem and Ramallah


  • Since more than 10 years specialised on (rough) diamonds, gold and crude / refined products

  • We help Clients to purchase rough or polished diamonds

  • We offer profitable investments into the diamond business for financial investors

Fine Art

  • We help art buyers to buy and art sellers to sell precious artworks; we are specialised on Picasso artworks

  • We have direct contact to many top buyers and sellers worldwide and a network of art experts, gallerists, collection managers and other art specialists 

  • Whom we do not yet know, our Research Division will find


  • Research supports the other Divisions with requested information and services

  • Research provides background information for negotiations, identifies art buyers, sellers or specific artworks worldwide, and contacts for example diamond mines in Africa

  • Research is most important for the verification of persons, offers, buyers, sellers, deals etc.